Intern Vivara/Partnershops NL-BENL

Level: Higher performance (HBO) OR University (WO)
Year: 1-4
Direction: Marketing, online marketing, communication, multimedia design, international business
Language: Dutch mothers’ tongue
Duration: 3-6 months
Reimbursement: Dependant on experience

About us
CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd/ Vivara is a specialist and expert in development and sales of nature protection products, active in 10 European countries. Everything within CJ is focused on creating the optimal environment for garden animals and pets. We do this by developing high end, innovative products. We sell these mainly online through our webshops, and through our trade division focused on garden centers andspecialist organizations. Also we have a psychical shop in Venray, (Vivara Natuurbelevingscentrum).

The Vivara/Partners team NL consists of five people, including one manager, and is located in Vierlingsbeek (NL) near the railway station. The team runs the webshops for Vivara NL and BE NL, Natuurmonumenten (NL), Vogelbescherming (NL), Dierenbescherming (NL) and Natuurpunt (BE). The partners are very important to us, and relationship management is an important part of our daily job.

Possible assignments:
• Customer research
• Customer journey optimization
• Market research
• Online marketing plan
• Google Ads strategy
(…) contact us if you have an idea that you think would fit!

Plus support team with:

  • Keeping webshop up to date
  • Writing Social media posts 
  • Social media planning 
  • Banners on homepage
  • Put products online
  • Check texts on shop
  • Project management of online communication like parcel inserts, order magazine, adverts
  • Copywriting for newsletter/ content pages
  •  (…)

What do we offer?
You will work in a dynamic work environment with a lot of enthusiastic colleagues where you can learn a lot about all the aspects of e-commerce. We are also offering an internship allowance.


Please send your CV en motivation letter to